Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Father's Day 2014

We celebrated Father's Day with a quiet dinner at Cotton at Big Splash. It was nice, calm and quiet. The weather was perfect for lounging about on the couches next to the beach and we stayed for quite a while.

Ryan came home from school the Friday before that with cookies that he'd baked in school for Richard. Ryan was pleased as punch to present the chocolate chip goodies to his father. He was very clear that the cookies were not meant for me or his sister.

Babydoll did her part - they both made a card for Richard by decorating a folded piece of paper with stickers. As simple as could be and full of old-fashioned charm. I think it looks like something an old grandfather pulls out from his memory chest, the quintessential representation of innocence and simple childhood pleasures.

From my perspective, Richard has matured as a father in the last two years since babydoll arrived. He has always been a good father, but there's a real confidence now. Long gone are the days when he'd decline to bathe the baby because he was too nervous; these days he's the one who jumps into the pool with them while I watch alongside. I don't have him asking me things like, "Shall I change the diaper?" He knows what's the deal with that now. He used to be clueless when it came to putting the baby to bed. Now he tells me that babydoll needs a cardigan, or that she needs a little soothing. He discusses our children's future with me, without me prompting him. He stocks up on the Yakult and the chocolate milk without me reminding him. He remembers to bring Ryan's goggles when we go swimming. He arranges tickets for us to watch Hi5 and Dora! because he knows the children's interests and preferences.

Perhaps it's experience giving rise to confidence; perhaps it's the settling-in of a mindset; perhaps it's just babydoll's magic.

Whatever it is, I appreciate it all and we are thankful for him and his presence in our family. We love you, Richard! Happy Father's Day!


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