Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Trip to KL - April 2014

A quick post today to document our trip to KL in April. We make the trip in April every year to celebrate some family birthdays and, on this occasion, Richard had business meetings in KL as well.

Here's a photographic run down of the trip.

Here are the littles, building forts as always.

Babydoll is always hilarious. Here she is, with her feet in my shoes and her brother's goggles on her head. I had to buy a pair of goggles for her after that because I knew that there would be a big tug-of-war if there was only one pair when the littles next went swimming.

And yes, there was a lot of swimming. I think the littles were in the pool almost everyday. Here they are with their uncle.

Babydoll was not content to stay in the baby pool and she climbed over the divider into the big pool. Ryan went to join her and they hung out there by themselves for a while. I usually just watched from the poolside.

Ryan finally had the chance to open his Lego train set, which was one of last year's Christmas presents from Richard and I. He was pretty enthusiastic about putting the model together, although he didn't finish it - to be continued next trip!

Babydoll always found ways to entertain herself (and us). After I took this photo, she stood up on the chair and started dancing to the music from the TV.

Car doodles. We spend quite a bit of time commuting in the car while we are in KL so the littles have to find ways to keep from getting restless in their seats. Ryan said that he drew this picture for me - it's a heart!

As always, we ate well. If you can't make out what babydoll is holding - it's a pig trotter.

One highlight of the trip for the littles was an outing to Sunway Lagoon. Their Aunty Margaret brought them there with their cousins while Richard and I had some time to ourselves.

This photo of babydoll and me was taken at Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie, which is a stone oven bakery in KL. Lots of yummy pastries and breads.

All in all, a good trip. We hope to be back in KL again in late June.


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