Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Moments with Ryan

Today Ryan sent me a text message.

I was waiting for Richard at our dinner venue and I texted Richard to ask, "Reaching?" Richard arrived shortly after. I then received a text message on my phone from Richard that said, "Please come here quickly". We were both puzzled. Richard said he didn't send it, plus it didn't seem to make sense.

Later on, when we picked up Ryan from his nanny, Ryan told me that he'd sent the message from his iPad! His iPad and Richard's iPhone share the same account, so the messages transmitted to Richard's iPhone show up on Ryan's iPad. I guess Ryan has seen them before and this time Ryan decided that he would send a message of his own!

We didn't teach Ryan how to use the message function/app on the iPad. He figured it out on his own. He said it was easy - he typed out the message and pressed "Send". I'm impressed with his initiative!

I was also impressed at the perfection of the message. Perfectly spelled, grammatically correct, with a polite "please" in front. He said he sounded out the words to figure out how to spell them, so I know he didn't use the word prediction function.

So, good thing? bad thing? Ah whatever, I'm happy. He may never do it again but I hope he does, actually. It's nice to know that he can reach me if he wants to, that we have our own means of communication.

In other news, I wanted to share that Ryan and I went on a mummy and son date to watch a musical stage performance of "How to Catch a Star", based on the picture book of the same name by Oliver Jeffers. Ryan loves that book. We've been reading it since he was a baby and he still pulls it out from the bookcase now. It was the day before I left for Bali for a work retreat. I think I made a big deposit into my son's emotional account with that date, enough to last the three days that I was away. He seemed not to have missed me very much, heh heh.


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