Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Moments with Ryan

The other day, I showed Ryan a dress that I had sewn for Rachel. Holding it up, I asked him, "Look Ryan, I made this for meimei. Is it nice?" He said, "Yes it is."
Then I held up another dress, "Look at this one, which one do you like better?" and he said, "The first one, mama. Because you sewed it."
"Oh, thank you darling, but I sewed both of them."
"Oh, then both of them are nice. I like them both," he said, without missing a beat. "They have nice patterns, mama."

One night as we were in bed chatting,  I told Ryan, "Baby, remember to tell mama everything, ok. Things that make you happy, things that make you sad, you can tell mama everything. Don't keep things in your heart, just tell me. Ok?"
He says, "It's ok, mama, don't worry. I put you in my heart too."
Then he adds softly, "You can tell me everything too, mama. Don't keep things in your heart, ok?"

Another night, as we were both reading our own books in bed, laying side by side, I grabbed Ryan's foot, sniffed it and playfully threw it aside, saying, "Smelly feet!"
Without looking up from his book, he said, "I love you too."


M said...

awww the feet bit, so totally adorable.

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