Wednesday, May 14, 2014

All in a day's work

Here're some photos of babydoll pottering about the house. With babydoll, I don't set out any structured activities for her at all. She usually pulls out something to investigate from among the stuff laying about the house. Sometimes I do set out something for her - usually something open-ended with no fixed learning objective. I don't plan anything, I just go with whatever is already going on.

Here, babydoll was playing with a tub of assorted stuff and some plastic toy animals. I emptied the tub and filled it with water and left the two littles to do whatever they pleased. Ryan was playing with her too but I didn't get a good shot of him.

Babydoll plays with these coloured tubs quite a lot. Actually, Ryan still does too. Ryan even brought the set out with him last evening when we had dinner at Crystal Jade Palace in Ngee Ann City. One of our best toys.

Here she placed the coloured tubs on the corners of the plastic white containers. There are little depressions at the corners of the container lids.

Here she'd taken out the coloured pastel gels, so I gave her some paper to doodle on. It turned into a pedicure session.

Her latest happy.  This was her first go, and she was pretty pro, as you can see. She's done this a lot more times now and now we keep the easel in the living room for her. Whenever she feels the urge, she will point to the easel and say "draw". Ryan gets inspired to paint on the easel too, but not often, because he already does plenty of this at preschool.

Feeding rice to Elmo. Yes, that is actual cooked rice from her dinner.

Camping with bear bear and (can you spot the red thing?) dog dog. I set up the tent for her, but she chose the stuff that went inside. After this shot, she added a bowl of biscuits.


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