Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bear Bear

Let me introduce the latest addition to the family - Babydoll's "bear bear". I'm not sure that "bear bear" is its name. I think it may be just a description - it's a bear! We were in iwannagohome at Great World City last month, just walking around, and babydoll spotted this beauty. Of course, she refused to let it go when it was time to leave. Now, she doesn't do this often and even when she does, we usually insist that the item remains in the shop. On this occasion however, I got the feeling that this bear was already special to her. So bear bear came home with us.

Since then, bear bear has been well loved, going just about anywhere that a bear can go, even travelling up to Malaysia with babydoll. Babydoll adores him, she talks to him, feeds him, teaches him stuff and sometimes hugs him to sleep.

Here they were at Great World City, babydoll telling bear bear to sit down and watch TV.

Babydoll and bear bear in Malaysia, feeding him the delicious pom poms. She hugged him all the time she was in the car on the drive up, falling asleep with him in her car seat.

Making sure bear bear is warm enough for the night - he's wearing her wool peacoat.

Morning conversations - what shall we do today?

And you've seen these photos. Looks like bear bear took my place while I was away in Bali. She insisted that bear bear accompany her everywhere she went.

Welcome to the family, bear bear!


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