Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rachel at IKEA

In January, we got around to putting up some wall shelving in our place. We finally realised that tidying up was not an option - what we needed was more storage space. Richard and I went around our home measuring our walls and our stuff and we managed to find some great solutions at IKEA.

At IKEA, babydoll got hold of one of their free paper measuring tapes and a pencil and, without any prompting at all, started measuring stuff and marking measurements off. She must have been watching Richard and I doing the same thing before we left the house. Just look at these photos - doesn't she look like a pro? 

I didn't prompt her at all. I was just too amazed and I didn't want to distract her from her self-appointed task. She was one week shy of 19 months at the time - it was such a cute thing to see this little one so focused on such an activity! 


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