Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Babydoll at the beach

A couple of weeks ago, we joined a group of parents and children from Ryan's preschool for a few hours at the beach. Each family brought a mat and a plate of food and whatever their children would want to play with. The kids had a grand time playing in the sea, building sandcastles, kicking the ball around, and just running about enjoying the evening. The adults mainly sat around and chatted with each other. It was a very casual and relaxed outing.

Babydoll had a whale of a time as well. If there is one characteristic about this little girl that I would name, it would be that she goes all out. She explored the sand, and by that I mean that she was, at times, fully prone on the beach with sand all over her, including in her hair and in her diaper. She picked up and investigated stuff like shells, sticks, leaves and seeds. She gleefully ran down to the water's edge and laughed out loud when the waves chased her back up the beach. She participated in everything wholeheartedly - from eating the watermelon with gusto (even though it had a fine layer of sand on it) to helping another kid fill up her bucket with sand to chasing after the football right along with the best footballers in the group. 

Apart from holding her hand when she played in the sea, I left her to her own devices and, on the whole, she was happy to play on her own or with the other children. It was glorious to watch her so uninhibited and free. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed watching her that day!



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