Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Life of a model

Ryan and Pornsak reunited today for another TV commercial! The photo above is on Instagram @leftprofile (Pornsak's agent) and, as I'm writing this, it already has 99 likes at the original site! Pornsak also has another one going around on Instagram with Ryan - check it out here

Today's shoot was another fun session for Ryan. He was much adored by everyone and had a fabulous time. Pornsak kept telling Ryan that he wasn't Pornsak, he was "James" and Ryan believed him, so it was a funny joke that lasted the whole shoot. We were on set from 1 pm till nearly 6 pm and Ryan was in all the scenes except one. The shoot went very smoothly, which was a testament to Ryan's experience and ease in front of the camera. I'll write more about the shoot when the commercial starts airing on TV.

In the morning, Ryan had a fitting for a catwalk show at Temasek Polytechnic School of Design. The show is in April and we are pretty excited about it because it will be Ryan's first catwalk show! 

Here he was, on campus!

Attending the fitting was a very interesting experience! We went into the designers' studio space and it was full of the design students and their models in various stages of undress, everyone very busy with adjusting the garments, taking quick photos, and getting the right shoes. If you've ever watched Project Runway, it's very similar except that there were many more models and many more designers in the space. 

There were mostly adult models there, and all of them were super tall, super leggy and super slim. Ryan caused quite a stir when he walked in. I guess, in a sea of tall and leggy models, you can still stand out simply because you're not tall and leggy, hahaha. All the girls started ooh-ing and aah-ing over him and going, "So cute! So cute!"

Some of the models were modelling really huge gowns (like wedding dresses) and they looked larger than life to me. I can only imagine what they must have looked like to my little son, especially in that little studio space - he actually reminded me to stay with him and not to go anywhere. He was a little uneasy with the unusual clothes that he was supposed to wear but I managed to convince him that it was a costume made for him, complete with little "mouse boots",  and that put him in a good mood. (Recently, he has been telling everyone that he is a little mouse.)

In other news, Rachel went for an audition today! Richard brought her for that, as I had to accompany Ryan. We are not hopeful about landing the job - it's still early days for Rachel and she's still learning. Nevertheless, according to Richard, she performed much better than Ryan did at his first audition - she at least let the photographer take the standard shots. I remember that Ryan wouldn't let me leave his side   and the photographer had a hard time keeping him in position because he kept following me off the set! 

Anyway, it was a good day. Busy, interesting and fun.


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