Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life of a model

A quick post today about a party that Ryan attended last week. He's been attending so many birthday parties this month but this one was not a birthday party. It was a catwalk workshop for child models. I dropped him off at 10 am and he spent the day playing games, doing some art/craft, posing for photos, etc. The highlight of the party was, of course, the catwalk show performed by all the child models at the end of the day. All the parents were told to come at 5 pm to see the show. 

It was such a great feeling to see Ryan walk out on to the catwalk and pose. Once he came out onto the stage, he scanned the audience and when he saw Richard and me, his grin was so wide! He was so happy to see us and he was really happy to show us what he could do.

I styled him for the party but only in terms of his outfit. His spiky hair with red highlights was done at the party. I think he looks like Dragonball, huh?

After the party, we took Ryan to Poulet at Great World City for an early dinner, before fetching babydoll from her nanny. Here he is - High 5!

Ryan enjoyed himself thoroughly and is very much looking forward to the next party!


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