Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Updates on Ryan

Thank you all for your helpful and generous comments on my "Mama, are you there?" dilemma. It looks like there's no other way other than to get Richard on the task, huh? Heh heh - dear hubs, I hope you are reading this! This needs immediate action!

I do feel that this is an issue that needs to be addressed before time robs us of the chance. There are so many moments that I share with my lovelies, which I and only I, remember, and my memory isn't going to last forever. A related issue is - taking photos of the family. We have practically zero presentable photos. On his first day of school, Ryan had to bring a photo of his family. We hunted through our massive database of photos and came up with ... nothing. He ended up going to school with one of our "tourist" photos - the one which I wrote about here, and which I said was NOT going to take pride of place on our shelf. Famous last words.

On that note, I think it's time I arranged a professional photoshoot for the family!

Now that we've gotten that sorted out, let's get back to the lovelies. Updates on Ryan today!

Now that Ryan has gone up to kindergarten, his school day ends at 3 pm. He goes to his nanny after that. He refuses to go down for a nap but he does have his quiet time there. As a result, he's been sleeping quite early at night. Usually we get home close to 9 pm, he gets a bottle of milk, lounges around a bit, and then it's off to bed around 10 plus. Some nights he even falls asleep in the car on the way home and sleeps through till the next day.

On weekends, when we have particularly busy days, there is a risk that he will fall asleep on the way out for dinner. If he does then, depending on where we plan to go, we either turn back or carry on with our dinner plans and let him sleep through.

Look, can you spot a little sleeping boy?

All this means that I haven't a lot of time with Ryan during the week. Even if I do, it won't be a consistent block of time everyday so it's impossible to build a routine of activities with him. Whatever time I do have, I try to spend it being close to him, chatting with him and just letting him relax with me. 

We do more "hard work" on Saturdays as that's the only consistent block of time I have to prepare him for Shichida class on Sundays. So we do linking memory, flash memory, poem recitation, the monthly worksheets, and the drawing homework. When Sunday rolls around, he goes for swimming and Shichida, and we find something physically active to do in the evening.

In relation to school, Ryan has been enjoying his new kindergarten class. He has a new set of teachers and some of his classmates are new to him (they regrouped the nursery classes). Happily, his class is in the same classroom as his ex-nursery class, so that was one less thing to adjust too.

We have signed him up for sports after school with Shaws Little League, once a week. We were actually thinking of dance or drama class. After speaking to his kindergarten teacher, we decided on sports because she told me that he loves his PE sessions - he's always asking for ten minutes more!

Temperament - hmm, let's see. Still an easygoing chap. But boy oh boy, does he have his "OCD" moments! For instance, I presented him with socks for school the other morning and he said, "These socks are dirty!" Richard went, "Huh?" and I rolled my eyes (behind Ryan's back). The socks were perfectly clean, they looked a little tatty because they'd been through the laundry a few times. I told Ryan, "They're clean, they just came out of the laundry." So the next morning, faced with a fresh (but not new) pair of socks, my little man started asking just as skeptically as before, "Are these socks clean? Did they just come out of the laundry?"

Sigh. Maybe he's trying to tell me that he needs new socks.

Here he is, trying on Rachel's fairy accessories, which was a free gift when we bought her sandals from Clarks. As you can see, Ryan enjoys them quite a bit. Last Sunday, after swimming, he put on a baseball cap and on top of the cap, he slipped on the hoodie from the jacket he was wearing, and then, the piece de resistance, the fairy headband. Did I hear you say, "Fashion Forward"?

Something interesting to note - Ryan subscribes to absolutely none of the gender stereotypes. Sometimes he tells me he wants to try on a skirt that he saw. He likes Dora the Explorer just as much as he likes Pocoyo. He has no problem with pink, blue or any colour. He is just as likely to try on one of my hair clips as he is to try on a pair of fairy wings.

Ryan finishes off his catwalk classes next Saturday, after which he will have his Saturdays free. We are still keen on martial arts for him, but also want to keep his music classes going, so we'll see what happens. No hurry. For now, any free time he has is to be treasured. Not forgetting his modelling work - he has a shoot tomorrow!

He needed a hat for his catwalk class, so here he is with his new fedora! He loves it!

Actually, Ryan really loves hoodies, so that's the next thing I want to sew. Plus some shorts and some long pants. He has been wearing the same three pairs of long pants from DKNY for a couple of years now. They are all in size 2 (for 2 year olds) ! The fit is perfect on him and I love the slim look so I always reach for them when dressing Ryan. Now they are getting a little short, so I guess I have to move on... Here he is in one of them.

Ryan does love dressing up, and he loves costumes. His favourite is the superhero capes (of which, his absolute favourite is Super Ryan). The other night, after his bath, he asked for his "Chinese costume". He wore it to sleep and refused to take it off the next day. Off he went to school in it!

We have been doing some math activities for our home learning. I am starting over from (almost) the beginning with him, for reasons I will explain in another post.

Ok, that's it. Till tomorrow!


Sue said...

Love his smile! :) haha... WJ is like that too... loves pink and blue and likes to explore my accessories (loves rings esp :P)

keep smiling Ryan!

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