Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rachel at Hokey Pokey, Millenia Walk

As promised, here are some photos from Rachel's day out at Hokey Pokey, Millenia Walk, last Saturday. There's a bonus video at the end, if you read all the way through!

Rachel and I were in a large group of mummies and some daddies. This gathering was supposed to have been held a couple of months back but the intense haze around that time made us change our plans. All's well that ends well, and our group finally made it to Hokey Pokey.

Richard and Ryan went off for Ryan's catwalk class, so we had our Father-Son and Mother-Daughter outings. 

This photo was shot by one of the daddies
It was our first time at Hokey Pokey, and actually it was also Rachel's first time at one of these play areas. She has been to Singkids a few times, but Singkids is more of a gym. Hokey Pokey caters for younger children and there are lots of toys for them to explore and play with.

It was interesting for me to watch babydoll as she made her way through the place, stopping to check out things that caught her eye. She really seemed to consider things carefully and investigate them meaningfully. I was also happy to note that she handled the toys well, picking them up carefully and placing them back in their place after she was done. She didn't throw them about, she didn't bang or pound on them, and she didn't chew on them. I watched her as she came across a basket of pretend food - she took each item out of the basket one by one, examining each one in turn.

Look at these photos! I thought this was pretty amusing - she was stacking balls in the ball pit!

Did you notice that she picked out only the pink balls?

You made it this far - here's the video!

I keep watching this video over and over again because it shows Rachel in her fearless and fun mode. My little 14 month old was diving around the ball pit as if she were in a mosh pit at a rock concert! She's definitely not one to sit in one spot and just throw balls around. She wants to be in the thick of action! I was happy to see her unafraid of the people there as well - she was jiving with the older children without any apprehension. Oh, and again, I noticed that she picked up balls of matching colours - first two white ones and then two yellow ones. Hmm, maybe I should start giving her some colour matching activities at home?


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