Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ryan's new ride

Introducing the latest member of the family... Richard's zippy ride! We picked it up from Cycle & Carriage on the last Saturday of July and Richard has been enjoying it very much.We retained the registration number from the Miata so it was as if the old car had gone through a spiffy upgrade.

I meant to post this earlier, with some photos of our old Miata. As it turned out, my smartphone drowned in the toilet bowl that weekend, together with the photos, and the recovery centre subsequently informed us that the data couldn't be salvaged. Ah well, life has to go on.

Anyway, to make up for that, here's a photo that the new owner sent us of our old Miata, though, looking at the photo, you wouldn't think it was old.

Beautiful, isn't he? The new owner gave him a wonderful touch-up job and named him "Max". This was the first car that I bought and I have a lot of memories tied up with it. It took a lot for me to finally let go of this car, so it makes me feel a lot better knowing that it went to someone who will take good care of it and enjoy it. We have actually seen it on the roads a couple of times since we sold it - our fates are still intertwined.

Well, back to the new ride. As much as Richard is delighted with the new car, the person who was most happy with it was Ryan. From the moment we picked up the car, he insisted on riding in it. He said that he didn't want to sit in the "old" car - mind you, my "old" Audi was less than 6 months old. He only wanted to sit in the "new and shiny" car!

Here's Ryan, testing out the new booster seat at the back.

Two nights ago, Ryan finally found something lacking in the new car. Richard and Ryan were listening to the radio when he asked for his favourite music. Richard hasn't loaded Ryan's music into the system yet so no joy for him. So Ryan said, "I don't like the new car. The music is not nice." Richard handed him the iPad instead. Hahaha!


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