Friday, August 9, 2013

Introducing HappyPlayWonder!

Hello, everyone! How did you spend Singapore's National Day? We went to Legoland with Alicia's family. Ryan had such a great time with his pal, Brayden! I will share more about our day in another post!

You may have noticed that posting here has been quite light recently. That's because I've been working with Alicia and Shann on a new blog! We're finally ready to launch it, so here it is - it's called HappyPlayWonder!

The blog is meant to be a one-year project, while Shann and family are away in the USA. Each of us - Alicia, Shann and I - will be sharing a simple activity that Brayden, Rou Ern and Ryan have been enjoying. In addition, we will be sharing some photos of the friends in the HPW Album, like this one taken on Shann's birthday last year when we had a tiny surprise celebration for her!

I love this shot because it shows the three childen exactly as they are - Rou Ern enjoys her food, Brayden is always exploring, and Ryan is always looking on and going with the flow. You'll see them like this in the next photo too!

The primary purpose of HappyPlayWonder is to help keep in touch with each other - we spend nearly everyday discussing stuff about the blog! It's nice to have something to share! Also, the three little ones love to look at each other's photos and so HappyPlayWonder is a recognition of the bond and the friendship that they share.

Do hop on over to HappyPlayWonder for a look-see and let us know what you think! We also have a Facebook page for sharing little snippets as well as for easier interaction! It's a brand new page, so not much there yet - do "like" our page for updates!


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