Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Updates on Rachel

Babydoll had a good weekend. I met up with some mummies on Saturday morning at Hokey Pokey, Millenia Walk, and babydoll had lots of fun. I'll show you some photos (and a video) tomorrow!

Babydoll's personality is really starting to show now and we are loving every bit of it. She is friendly, chatty, gentle, determined, fearless, girly, smart, loves animals and is downright adorable. We keep asking ourselves, was Ryan this adorable? Hahaha, we probably felt the same way about Ryan, actually. We are all suckers for our children, aren't we?

Babydoll skipped her Heguru class last Saturday to go to Hokey Pokey and there was no class the week before, so no updates on that front.

She did go for her Shichida classes, and her sensei is very impressed with her - not so much with her abilities but with her temperament. Babydoll hardly fusses. If she is bored, she will just get off her chair and look for something more interesting, but she won't scream or shout or cry. She doesn't kick up a fuss over the materials and has learned to give them up after each activity. All the other students have been disruptive at times, two of them in particular. She joined an existing class, instead of starting with a fresh batch, so it's nothing to do with how long the children have been in the programme. Her sensei has asked me, on numerous occasions, whether I have any advice for the mummies, as Rachel is so different from the rest.

Anyway, this was her term report for last term, which was her first term:

"Though Rachel joined the programme this term, Rachel adapted very well to the programme. Able to answer questions posed by the instructor. Rachel is a girl who never throw tantrums and barely cries in class. Keep it up."

In other news, we bought Rachel her first pair of walking shoes two weeks ago (the evening before we went to Legoland). Here she was at the shoe department at Isetan. She could only fit into the smallest size for Clarks, so our choices were limited. In the end, I decided on a pair of pink sandals.

Babydoll can walk pretty well now, although she does need help now and then. She is starting to want to walk, instead of crawl, up and down the stairs, so I help her with that. Also, although she can walk on her own, she likes to hold my hand while she walks, and I really like that. Ryan still holds my hand, too. It is such a great feeling.

Apart from the closeness that comes with holding hands, both the littles like to stay close to us when we go walking on the streets or in the busy malls, and they don't feel the need to run amok in such situations. So we've been pretty fortunate in that respect.

Speaking of running, here's a photo of my three favourite people, running around our place. Well, babydoll wasn't quite running, but she was definitely on the move.

Richard had just come back from his bike run and the usual routine is that he will spend some time with Ryan on the kick scooter before everyone jumps into the bath. This time, babydoll joined in the fun. The boys were doing laps around the place and babydoll would meet them in the middle and laugh everytime they passed her.

Love this shot of babydoll. Such girlish delight!

Please forgive the dirty T-shirt. She was touching the cars, including the wheels. And yes, I let her, after checking that the cars were not hot.

Oh yes, if you're curious about what Rachel is munching on in the first two photos - it's a chicken wing! Check out that pincer grasp! We usually toss her the wing tip to chew on and sometimes the mid-wing, after wiping off as much oil as we can. Richard, our resident chicken connoisseur, is very proud.


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