Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Christmas

One week into 2012, and I'm still hanging on tight to Christmas 2011. I just haven't had the heart to say goodbye. 

All the Christmas decorations are still up at our place. I loved watching the decals against the setting sun.

And sometimes, gazing out through those windows, I could pretend that our little family was having a white Christmas.

Our cat, Tiger, spent Christmas snuggling up next to our miniature Christmas tree...

... while our dog, Max, checked every stocking for goodies.

We had Christmas eve lunch with friends. It had been quite some time since we last met up with this bunch of friends and I was pleased to see that Ryan mingled quite a lot with the other children. Previously he was quite uninterested. 

Here he is, dancing. I like the outfit he's wearing. Richard picked it out from Zara Kids.

Both photos above were shot by one of the daddies, Kenny (I did some post-processing).

Richard cooked Christmas eve dinner - yum yum! - and we had a quiet evening at home. Santa came, reliable as ever, and we opened our blessings on Christmas day.

Ryan especially liked this gift. It's a set of stampers which Alicia and family gave him. The first thing he did was to form the word "stop" in lower-case letters, 

then it was the word "MILK" in upper-case letters.

Ryan presented his nanny with one of his paintings as a Christmas gift, which we framed up (we also gave her and her family a Christmas hamper).

We received so many gifts and blessings over Christmas - thank you all so very much for thinking of our little family! Hope your Christmas was wonderfully blessed.

To end off, here we are having Christmas lunch at Seb's Bistro. The outdoor trampoline was set up that day and Ryan had a blast jumping around in it.


Karmeleon said...

Nice deco! Dear me - I just like to close my eyes and wish the seasons pass us by these days. Must really be getting old and all these no longer excite. ;P

Pinkie Pirate said...

@Karmeleon - Thanks, I think I will always love Christmas!

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