Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthday Bash!

On Sunday, 8 January 2012, we had a combined birthday celebration for Ryan and four other children born in January 2009 - Matthias, Brayden, Rou Ern and Victoria. The families gathered in our little home for dinner, adult conversation, children playtime and birthday festivities. It was still very early for Ryan's birthday (which is on the 22nd), and I'm not sure that he understands what a birthday is, but he had fun nevertheless.

We set up a ball pit and a small bouncy castle on the upstairs terrace but it started to rain so the children did not stay up there for long. When they migrated downstairs, they were very well occupied and entertained with all the toys in Ryan's room and in the living room. I realise now that we have enough toys to entertain at least five active toddlers! It was pretty amusing seeing the children together, beginning to behave like little adults. One funny scene was when Matthias and his family arrived, with Matthias asleep. Ryan let him sleep in his bed and the four children cheekily stood around his sleeping body with curious looks, seemingly deep in discussion over his fate.

Our dining table was full of yummilicious food! Ern's family brought homemade mushroom soup and homemade pig trotters bee hoon. Richard and I went around our estate and bought East Coast specialties - curry fish head from Casa Bom Vento, salt-baked chicken from Serangoon Salt-Baked Chicken (which despite its name, is on East Coast Road), and prawn paste chicken. Victoria's family brought fresh fruits, briyani rice and some rendang. Matthias and his family came with nuggets and french fries, and rojak.

Richard and I took care of the decorations - we set up some birthday banners and some balloons. We actually made a replica of The Very Hungry Caterpillar with a string of balloons - one red balloon and 6 green balloons. On the red one, I stuck on eyes and mouth cut from sticky-backed felt, plus ears made from pipe cleaners wrapped in crepe paper. Unfortunately, overnight the red balloon burst (I had a spare red one which burst as well) so we were left with a string of 6 green balloons which looked like, well, just balloons. I suspect it was the balloon contracting overnight and bursting because of the tension caused by the felt that was stuck on it. Next time, I'll just draw on the balloon. Richard thinks it was the dog, but then again, he blames almost everything on the dog.

We ordered a 1-kg birthday cake from Sugarholic, designed with the theme of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Alicia made mini banners with each of the children's names and the families took turns with the birthday song and candle-blowing, after which the five children had a combined song and candle-blowing!

After indulging in the yummy cake, and cleaning up the rest of the food, it was time for presents! Thank you, our friends, for the lovely presents! 

You can see from the photos here, which were taken quite late into the party (which only started about 6.30 pm), that Ryan is looking tired. Earlier in the day, he had his swimming class and Shichida class, but skipped his nap. Despite the busy day and insufficient rest, he was very well-behaved, not cranky at all, and was more than willing to share his toys with the other children. Prior to this occasion, he's had only one child visitor at a time rummaging through his stuff (not counting his cousins, who are way past his age and uninterested in his toys), so I was wondering how he would take to four children descending uncontrollably upon his territory and possessions. Fortunately, he took it in his stride and I think he enjoyed himself. He was a sweetie.

I think all the children had a good time because they left reluctantly, with some of them declaring that they did not want to leave at all! The party ended about 10.30 pm, and each child left with a goodie bag prepared by Alicia.

We are going to have another birthday celebration for Ryan on the 22nd, when we are back in Malaysia with our relatives. Still can't believe my little munchkin is turning three!


Anonymous said...

Well Done Ryan!
~Aunty Alicia~

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