Tuesday, January 31, 2012

At Sarah's

We're back from our break and raring to go ... back on holiday! Haha, no no, life back in Singapore has got a lot to offer still, and we're happy to be back. I guess that means that we had a really good break.

Let's start tackling those updates, shall we? After the combined birthday bash at our little home, the celebrations didn't stop - we had a housewarming cum birthday party at Sarah's new house the following Saturday (14 Jan). I've mentioned before on this blog that Sarah is our domestic goddess - she is Martha Stewart in disguise. Last year, she bought an old rundown house and, over the course of many months, turned it into a cosy and delightful home, and she did it all on her own. She literally counted the number of bricks she needed to construct her patio! She also loves to cook and entertain - she whipped up a lunch for our group of friends that day and we tucked in gratefully.

Ryan brought along an alphabet set, which kept him entertained while the adults sat around and yabbered on.

This get together was supposed to be over Christmas, but we could not find a good date for everyone around that time so it got pushed to January, which meant that we got to celebrate Sarah's birthday together with the housewarming. As Ryan's birthday was also coming up, he had a go at the birthday cake as well.

Apart from Ryan, there was one youngster at the party, an 8-year old, and I was pleased to see Ryan spending some time interacting and socialising with him.

It was a lovely afternoon, we had a great time chilling out with friends, talking about everything and nothing in particular. After that pleasant lunch, we had a short rest at home before making our way to the Shangri-La Hotel for a wedding dinner of one of Richard's old junior college classmates. It was a full day, and a good one.


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