Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I was quoted in Young Parents Magazine

I mentioned in a previous post that I had been interviewed in a short tele-conversation by a writer for Young Parents magazine. Well, the article is out in this month's edition of Young Parents! The article is "Enriched or Enraged?" by Jamie Ee, and it discusses whether enrichment classes are necessary for our young ones and whether there can be a case of too many enrichment classes.

I was pleased to see that I was given the "last say" on the topic, being an advocate for more downtime, more free and unstructured playtime and more parent-child bonding time, which is in line with the advice of the experts.

"Parents like lawyer Leona Wong, 38, agree. As a new mum she felt the pressure to sign her son up for multiple enrichment classes. "But once I calmed down and the novelty of being a new parent wore off, I started doing what I was comfortable with instead," she says.
Her son, who is almost three years old, joins a playgroup, and attends swimming and Shichida classes. But Leona also spends much time talking and reading to him at home.
"I think building the bond between parent and child is far more important at this time. That's how a child discovers more about the world and forms his views on things," she says."

[The playgroup that the writer says that Ryan is attending was the weekly Edudrama class at Julia Gabriel, which Ryan is no longer attending.]


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