Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Boxing Day

We made our usual donations to the women's shelter (books and clothes) and, on the day after Christmas (Boxing Day), we went shopping. The Christmas shopping panic had dissipated by then, so the crowds were absent and the shopping was pleasant. We had a yummy Thai lunch and we picked up some bottoms for Ryan and a top for myself.

We ventured out to town again to see the "snow" at Tanglin Mall and when we got back, Richard cooked dinner.

Here are some photos taken at the "snow village" at Tanglin Mall.

It wasn't real snow of course, it was soap bubbles! Some people came in bathing suits and immersed themselves completely from head to toe!

There were two stages: the first was an "avalanche" where the soap bubbles were churned out onto the ground until they were about 3 to 4 feet high. Ryan wasn't keen on diving in (thankfully, because we didn't bring a change of clothes) so we stayed on the fringes and played sedately, exploring the "snow". The next stage was when they rained the soap bubbles down from above, as if it was snowing. That was quite fun too!

Here are some shots from Richard's iPhone, while it was "snowing".

So that's a wrap for Christmas! It was a cozy, warm and intimate one for us this year. I wonder what Christmas 2012 will be like!

Here's a very belated Christmas family photo!


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