Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend report

Saturday got off to an early start with breakfast at nearby Marine Parade Central.

We came across these baskets of durians. I do not like durians and usually walk past as quickly as possible to get away from the smell. Inexplicably, Richard takes every opportunity to introduce Ryan to them. I have no idea why - could he be trying to annoy me? Nah, the man I love and who loves me wouldn't do that. Then again, looking at his expression in this photo, I think something is not right (by the way, this shot was taken with a zoom lens while I was standing upwind.)

After breakfast, it started to rain heavily so we loitered around and visited some of the shops while waiting out the rain. The aquarium and pet shop was particularly interesting. Ryan got to see lots of fish, some terrapins, some lobsters plus some guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. He was very excited.

In the late afternoon, we met up with some friends for a visit to the Singapore Art Museum, where there was an exhibition of "interactive contemporary art" for children. I'll do a separate post on that, for now I will just say that it wasn't as interactive as I'd thought. Here's a shot of Richard and Ryan with Walter the curious colossal bunny on the lawn outside the entrance (there is nothing interactive about the bunny at all, by the way).

Oh well, even if the exhibition wasn't that great, we did have a wonderful time catching up with friends. After dinner with them, our little family went for Ben & Jerry's ice cream! Great way to end our evening out!

Back home, we did some activities with flashlights and coloured cellophane - will share that in a separate post. Then, Richard went to have drinks with the guys near our home while Ryan and I took Max for a walk around the neighbourhood. After coming home, Ryan had some water play in the shower before going off to bed.

On Sunday, Ryan had swimming class in the morning. We skipped last week's lesson on account of waking up late and it being Father's Day, so Ryan was pretty happy to be in the water this week.

We collected our underwater photo which Coach snapped for us when he handed out the Duckling Awards a few weeks back. Check it out!

Shichida class was next. This is the last class of the term and there will be a one week break before the start of the next term.

Ryan got a fantastic term report - full praise on every aspect and his teacher told me, "I'm really amazed at his abilities!" One of the parents in our class also commented that Ryan is "very fast". Super job, my darling!

Tea was a muffin tin meal - cornflakes, snacks and fruit (the apple is from the Singapore Art Museum!).

The evening was spent at the playground in Telok Kurau Park, taking advantage of the pleasant weather. As usual, Ryan rode there in his little car. On the way back he wanted to be carried, which was much better because it was easier to point out little things to him along the way, like the different flowers, the different coloured leaves, the pieces of tree bark, some fallen fruit, the canal, etc.

It was a fabulous weekend, can't wait for the next!


Kenny Leow said...

hey, the playground near your place looks great!!! Maybe I will bring Matt there to play.

Pinkie Pirate said...

Kenny, yes the playground is very popular!

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