Monday, June 6, 2011

Simple pleasures

It was a good thing that we made the most of the outdoors on Saturday because on Sunday, it rained and rained and rained and we hardly saw the sun. We drove to swimming class in the morning but the further west we drove, the worse the rain got. It was as if we were driving through a waterfall. We decided to seek refuge at IKEA, where we wanted to pick up some picture frames. We also grabbed a bite there. Ryan spent some time at the little playhouse (at the restaurant) and after that, we went off for Shichida.

Inside the little playhouse. Ryan is the one without the ponytail, in case you're wondering.

After Shichida, Richard had some work to attend to in the office, so Ryan and I spent the afternoon playing in his room and in the evening, after his nap, we went upstairs to our outdoor terrace to do some painting with foam stampers.

This morning, the weather was just as gloomy. The local newspaper reported that a total of 124 mm of rainfall was recorded for the central area yesterday morning, which was about 77% of the average monthly rainfall for June. Some flashfloods were reported as well. Hopefully, sunny skies tomorrow.

This evening, our after-dinner entertainment was the usual Ryan-on-the-dance-floor but with some special effects - extra colour and sound. I made him some pom-poms from crepe/coloured tissue paper and he busted out his best moves. 

The pom poms are super easy to make, just tie some strands together and you have a pom pom!

I used crepe/coloured tissue paper, which is light and fluffy and makes an exciting swishing sound. Great learning happens without much effort - Ryan reinforced his colour recognition, improved his fine motor skills (picking up and holding the pom poms), trained his musical rhythm, got some physical exercise and reinforced what is "up" and "down" (while moving the pom poms up and down). Plus, his dance moves are getting more and more fanciful, with the appropriate pause and grand pose between songs on the CD!

Happy as can be!


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