Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Duckling Award!

Yet another reason for our awesome Sunday last weekend - Ryan received his Level 4 Duckling Award! Good one my darling!

To get to the next level, Level 5, Ryan needs to be able to do the arm movements for the freestyle and the breaststroke. I think that is going to take a lot of water time so we really have to make an effort to get into the pool more often than just 30 minutes a week.

Each student (and parent) got to take an underwater photograph with the award, so I'll post that on the blog when I get it from Aquaducks.

So, if you've been reading our posts this week, this concludes Ryan's awesome Sunday - Duckling Award for swimming, great job at Shichida, Elmo and gang after that, plus his fantastic cardboard castle made by Richard. Saturday was pretty awesome too because of the dress-up party at PlayClub. Hopefully this coming weekend will be just as great!

By the way, my post on Julia Donaldson's book, The Gruffalo, is up at our Learning at Home section!


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