Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trip to USA - Raring to go

We woke up in the wee hours of the morning and after waiting about, ventured out for breakfast at about 6 am. The only place near our hotel that was open at that time was Burger King, so we went there.

Ryan was very pleased because there was a huge play structure there for him to climb up and slide down. Richard and I took turns to go inside with him. Can you see Ryan in the photo? (He's at the window in the blue block in the centre.)

After prying Ryan away from his playhouse (make that his playMANSION), we walked over to Sesame Place. It wasn't open yet so we had to hang about outside.

Nursing while waiting for the park to open. Panoramic shot taken with Photosynth.

I love this shot.

Elmo's hand prints! Each character has its own prints on the walkway leading up to the entrance.
Before opening time, there were already a lot of people lining up at the entrance but we were first in line! We are well-trained! Well, actually there were quite a number of queues already and the staff opened a new one just where we were standing, so we weren't really that clever.

Ryan wearing his Elmo T-shirt!

The park just opened for the summer the day before so the day we were there was only the second day of operation for 2011. From then, the park would only be open on Friday and weekends until summer is in full force in the last week of May. Then it will be open everyday until early September when it reverts to Fridays and weekends only, until eventually closing for the year in November.

Ok, will end here for now and will write more about our day in Sesame Place in another post.


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