We bought a table for lunch and dinner with Elmo and Friends. The restaurant was like a cafeteria, food was served buffet-style although drinks were brought to your table. The characters roamed about the restaurant, mingling with everyone. There was Elmo, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Zoe and Cookie Monster. It was a big party, with happy music and merry monsters.

Ryan spent most of lunchtime going from each character to each character to hug them. Not shy anymore!

He couldn't get enough, he went up to them again and again for hugs. Otherwise he was dancing and skipping about. He was so excited and happy.

Elmo had his own special corner in the restaurant for people to pose for photos taken by the staff.

Towards the end of the meal, each character performed a short song and dance and, at the end, all the characters joined in for one last song together.

There were less people at the dinner slot, so things were a little more mellow and the characters came round and sat down at the tables with the guests.  

Ryan was a little tired by dinner time, so he didn't do any dancing, but he was still interested in what was going on. 

The up-close dining was definitely the highlight of the outing for Ryan. He got to dance with his monster pals, sit in Cookie Monster's lap, envelope himself in Zoe's fur, stroke Big Bird's feathers, be best buddies with Bert and Ernie and, of course, get up close and personal with his beloved Elmo. It was such a wonderful experience for him, his joy was so evident. Richard and I were so happy for him.


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