Friday, December 4, 2009


As mentioned in an earlier post, I've been nursing a flu. It seems that I've been doing a good job because I'm still stuck with it after four weeks. Richard, who gave it to me in the first place and then recovered, has now succumbed to it again.

Amazingly, Ryan is unaffected. Despite sleeping between his parents who are both coughing up phlegm, sniffing and clearing our throats through the night, he blissfully slumbers on and remains germ-free. He did have a runny nose for a couple of days but that resolved quite quickly so it was probably unrelated to our misery.

Generally speaking, Ryan has been a very healthy baby. He has hit every milestone for growth and development on the dot. He's never had a post-jab fever and he's never had to take a paracetamol. He's run a temperature once or twice but that always resolved the next day naturally, without any medication. He popped all his teeth without a whimper. He even escaped jaundice.

I believe every parent's wish is that their baby is born healthy; this was definitely our wish. I am very very thankful for Ryan's good health and strong disposition.


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