Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just the two of you

It's the weekend!

I had a company lunch today so Richard had Ryan all to himself for a few hours in the afternoon. I'm grateful for the fact that Richard can actually fly solo quite well. Yes, I know many dads out there can and do handle their babies quite well on their own, but that doesn't detract from my gratefulness.

The only tricky part about Ryan being apart from me is his milk feeds. He is on total breastmilk and there's not a drop of formula in our house. So I have to watch the clock when I go out and make sure that I'm back in time for his next milk feed. If I can't plan to be back in time, then I have to express some milk before I leave for Richard to do a bottle-feed.

I'm also grateful that Ryan doesn't seem to suffer from separation anxiety, which seems to strike many other babies around his age. He does make a little fuss when he sees me go off, but it doesn't last and he's quite happy with his father's company.


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