Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ready for Christmas!

Today we went to "Baby Spa" at Northpoint. This is run by the same people who run Hwa Xia (the place where Ryan goes for his tubbing) and everything there is the same as Hwa Xia except that there is an additional tub for up to 4 babies to 'spa' in at the same time. Ryan had a go in this big tub and he enjoyed it very much - he got to move around much more and he didn't feel so restrained.

After lunch at Northpoint, Ryan went for his Shichida class (his last class for this term, the next term starts in January 2010). He got his term report which says, "Ryan was able to concentrate during flash cards especially the concentration cards. He was able to do his ESP games and he showed positive reaction whenever he was prompted by his instructor. Good focus during linking memory and 'which one' activity." Well done baby!

Richard got assessed too, haha! Richard has been accompanying Ryan for his classes since the fourth one and this is what the term report says: "Daddy was really a patient man who could handle Ryan well in class. Daddy was able to minimise Ryan's crying whenever he felt uneasy." Well done, Daddy!

In the evening, we checked out the newly-renovated Mandarin Gallery. Bought a lovely pair of pants for Ryan from there. Then we joined the crowd on the pedestrian walkway outside Ngee Ann City. They were snapping photos with these guys:

The Three Wise Men

The Roman guards (when a Roman guard wishes you Merry Christmas, that's something!)

It's back to work tomorrow... what a lovely five days I've had with Ryan. Can't wait for the Christmas weekend! On that note, I'm thankful to say that the weekend was very productive - we managed to get all our Christmas gifts ready. Phew!


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