Saturday, December 12, 2009

Keppel Bay

This morning we went to Keppel Bay. It's a lovely place for a short walkabout and a cup of tea/coffee. We went with Kenny, Belinda and their son, Matthias.

The first time Richard and I were at Keppel Bay, it was at night and the place was beautifully lit with the lights from the restaurants and the lights from the boats/yachts at the marina. Being there in the morning is also quite nice, there is a nice breeze and I can imagine Ryan running up and down the marina when he's older.

Richard just got some new Diana lenses and he tried them out on my camera. Here are some of the (unedited) shots - dreamy looking with intense colour.

Gotta give thanks that the weather held out today and it didn't rain. After Keppel Bay, we went to see an exhibition of underwater photography called "Gifts from the Sea" at L2 Space. Great stuff. Then, bak kut teh lunch at PSA Tanjong Pagar Complex. Yums.

I went for a facial while the boys went home for a short rest, then there was Gymboree for Ryan (his last class in the package), chilli crab dinner at KEK Seafood, and we were off to see Orchard Road in its glitzy Christmas glory.


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