Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Counting down to Christmas

25 days to Christmas! My favourite time of the year! Love the feeling of good tidings, peace and goodwill. This year, as my version of keeping an advent calendar, I'm going to give thanks everyday till Christmas - 25 days of gratefulness.

I'll kick things off by giving thanks for my little family - Big R and Little R.

I know that a modern woman is supposed to have her own identity, she's not supposed to be dependent on others for her self-image and happiness. Still, with my family standing behind me to support me, walking beside me to guide me and skipping ahead to lead me to greater things, with them there to help me keep things real, I am better able to deal with whatever life throws at me. Whether I won my cases or clinched a big client, I'm still sweeping the floor and washing the dishes at home. Whether I'm screwing up at work or having a bad hair day, I still get a hug and kiss from Big R and a delighted grin and squeal from Little R when I come home. What else matters?


The Creative Beast said...

i love your 'advent' idea! i think it's a really nice way to mark the days, and keep the focus off of the usual consumerism that takes place during this time of year (which i can't stand about the holiday!)

that is a great picture of father and son napping =-)

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