Thursday, September 11, 2014

Elvis Is In Da House!

Ryan attended a costume party on Wednesday. I dressed him up as Elvis Presley!

I'll give you some details on the costume first. The shirt and the pants are the ones I made in November last year for Zoukidisco, at which he won Best Dressed. The shirt is a modified Nature Walk Pullover by Oliver + S and the pants are Jacob by Zonen 09, to which I added silver shiny gussets to make them more bell-bottom-my. He still fits into the outfit except that the sleeves and the legs were a little short so, for the pants, I added a gold trim to the hem, which added about 2 inches. I didn't have enough time to do anything to the cuffs, but from these photos, they look okay, I think.

Of course, what would an Elvis costume be without a cape? The cape was a killer project. It took me three hours just to put the gemstones on as I sewn them on individually. The inside of the cape is a Japanese tissue lame in gold. I initially wanted to sew gemstones onto the front of the shirt but didn't have enough time. I might still do that though, just for fun!

The cape caused the shirt to fall down towards the back so I tightened the neckline by adding some gold buttons, which did the trick. I only did that the day after the party though, when he went to preschool (yes, he went to preschool in costume!).

Okay, let's get to the party! The party was organised by Impact Models Studio. Anyone can sign up to attend, you just have to pay the fee. It is a drop-off party from 10 am. The children will play games, have lunch and they will also put together a runway show. They get their hair and make-up done and some photos taken. Parents are asked to come at 5 pm to watch the runway show. I think they have these parties every quarter. The studio also offers birthday party services so you can celebrate your little ones' birthday with them if you like.

This party was their Halloween edition so all the children were asked to come in costume. Ryan's was the only handmade costume; the rest were store-bought. To be honest, I was feeling a little shy about his costume and a small part of me was thinking that I should have finished sewing the gemstones on the front or I should just have gone and bought him a costume from the store. But, when he walked out on the catwalk and did his Elvis moves, my little man was a stunner. Most of the kids came as the usual superhero, princess, pirate, witch, etc and most of them were in black (in keeping with the spooky side of Halloween). So this little smiling boy walking the runway in his glowing white and gold costume was a real standout.

These were taken after the show.

Check out those sideburns!

Elvis and me. He was really happy, as you can see.

Elvis and daddy. Daddy had a special surprise for Ryan after the party ...

... he brought Ryan to watch Geronimo Stilton live on stage at United Square plus a meet-and-greet after the show! Ryan was so happy! He was dancing and singing throughout the show and, the next day, he was still singing the song from the show! We have been reading Geronimo Stilton at home and he could identify the four mice in the show - Geronimo, Thea, Trapp and Benjamin.

When we got home that night, while Richard was helping Ryan to scrub those sideburns off, Ryan told Richard, "Thank you for my surprise, daddy. I like my surprise very much." Aww.

The next day, Ryan went to preschool in costume. He also brought a souvenir from the Geronimo Stilton show and he kept talking about the show, which confused everyone because everyone was wondering how the show was related to his costume. When I picked him up after school, Ryan told me,  "Everyone thought I'm a superhero but I told them that I'm an Elvis Presley." Hahaha! Of course, I would be surprised if any of his friends know who Elvis is!

It was a little ironic because, when I made the shirt and pants in November for Zoukidisco, I was aiming for John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever but people assumed that he was Elvis. Now that I am aiming for Elvis, he gets superhero instead!

Well, I am happy that Ryan absolutely loves the costume. After school, he insisted on wearing it for the rest of the day, even putting it back on after his afternoon bath. Well worth the effort, I'd say.


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