Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last week's happenings

Last week was a mish-mash of good stuff. The kids had some interesting experiences, I spent a lot of happy time with my sewing machine and Richard, well, Richard worked hard, hahaha. Richard got a big promotion at work a couple of months back and these things don't come free, eh?

Ok, let's go through the photos. Here's babydoll. She's ... looking at an ant. Hahaha! She's wearing a dress made by me. It is made from bamboo knit - it is so soft, I love it. The pattern is the PlayDay dress by Heidi and Finn. I made one size larger than her usual but I think it's TOO large. It looks like a nightgown and it keeps slipping off her shoulders. I'll probably make another, better-fitting, one.

My two masterpieces. How come I can make only one version?!

Have you come across these? Giant puzzle blocks at Waterloo Centre. There are three sets. Ryan loves them. 

On Thursday, we went to watch a stage performance by The Players Theatre called "Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical", which is based on the book by Mo Willems called "Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale". Richard was in KL on business that day, so it was just me and the two littles. Suz arranged the tickets for us - she was so sweet to think of us - and it was really good to see her and her two sweeties that day.

Babydoll was keen to copy her brother - she sat like a big girl on her own seat. She paid rapt attention throughout the show, although she didn't show much expression - concentrating hard! Ryan enjoyed the performance very much as well. Having read the book, I guess he must have found it interesting to watch the story come to life on stage. After the show he pointed out a scene which didn't appear in the book - "I didn't know that the daddy went into the washing machine and fought with the crazy clothes?" Hah! He was definitely paying attention!

On Friday, we visited Mita at her beautiful house in Mount Pleasant Road. This is (part of) her backyard.

Ryan asked me to get a playhouse like that for him too. I said, "Sure...!"

On Saturday, we had two birthday parties! Both were Frozen-themed! The first one was at La Barca Ristorante at Goodman Arts Centre where this photo was taken. It was Ryan's schoolmate's birthday and I think he had a good time catching up with some of his friends. His K1 class was split into two when the preschool rearranged the students for K2 this year and most of the kids that he was close to were allocated to a different class from his. 

The second party was for a pair of twins, who are the daughters of our old university mates. I sewed up these mini tote bags for them. Cute? They are pretty small, but you can fit an iPad Mini into them (that's my iPad Mini in the last photo).

That's all!


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