Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Updates on Rachel

I've stopped writing weekly updates on Rachel - do you miss those? There is stuff happening of course - babydoll is growing up faster than I like! Most of the developments can be seen in her personality, her character, her motor and language skills ... more of the non-physical stuff. 

Babydoll is a bundle of delight, always fun to be with. She is a ball of energy with only two speed settings - full out and fast asleep.

Speaking of sleeping, she is a very light sleeper. I'm glad that we've managed to wean her off night feeds completely so that she can get a good and proper sleep through the night. She still takes one nap in the day.

Her nanny is getting concerned about two things. First is her hair. Her nanny suggested that we cut it (it has never been cut) because she is concerned that tying up the front portion all the time will result in some hair loss.

Ermm.. I don't think that there's any cause for concern in that aspect.

The second concern that her nanny has is that sometimes babydoll walks with her feet turned inwards (in-toeing). I'm not worried about this at all. Most children do walk with their feet at a bit of an angle and I recall that I walked like that as a child. I sorted myself out as I grew older. In my case, in-toeing was just a habit and not a deformity, so I'm sure that babydoll is the same. After all, she has been walking for less than a year, let's give her some time to practice and get it right. (If you think your child is in-toeing/out-toeing because of a physical condition, and not out of habit, you can consult a doctor on whether to do anything and on what to do).

Ok, that's all. Time for photos! These were shot randomly over the last few months.


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