Friday, April 25, 2014

Some sweetness for the weekend

I'm off to Bali today on work. Richard is going to have to look after our little brood all by himself until I get back on Sunday evening. 

Richard has done this before and survived, so no worries there. However, he has really got his hands full today because there is an activity in Ryan's school today which he has to attend. Each student gets about an hour to do the activity with the parent and other than that, there is no school for the day. Last year, we sent babydoll to her nanny before we attended the activity with Ryan. After we were done at school, we sent Ryan to his nanny, went back to the office and then fetched both kids as usual after work. However, I'm not around today and, to compound matters, the nanny has taken the day off! So Richard is taking the day off as well - he will bring babydoll to school and do the activity with Ryan (while keeping babydoll with him!) and of course spend the rest of the day (and weekend!) with the two littles.

Anyway, here's your weekly sweetness! These shots were taken at the Museum of Contemporary Art a few Sundays ago. Ryan was having his swimming lesson nearby and babydoll and I took a stroll in the surrounding area. Babydoll has been to the museum before with Richard so she was less interested in the exhibits this time and more interested in playing with the things she found on the ground.

Have a good weekend, all. 


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