Thursday, April 10, 2014

Party at Gallop Stables, Horse City

We're back from our holiday, tanned and tired, happy and contented. We went to Club Med Bintan and it was a great choice for the kids - swimming in the day and dancing in the night! Ryan declared that he wanted to stay "forever".

I'll share photos from our trip another day. For today, I'll share some photos from a birthday party that Ryan attended a couple of weekends ago. The party was a cowboy themed party held at Roundhouse Pizza Bar and Grill at Gallop Stables in Horse City (the one at Turf Club Road).

Here's Ryan having a ride on the pony. It was a very short one, just one round around the paddock, and the pony was with the kids for just a short while. Ryan went twice.

I asked him afterwards if he was scared and he said, not at all. "There's no need to be scared, mummy. Horses are not going to eat you. They eat hay!"

But of course.

There was a rabbit enclosure where the kids could buy food for the rabbits and feed them. Ryan sees rabbits very often so he wasn't that impressed and stayed for just a while.

Here he is, waiting for his food. The boy next to him is Harry, one of his good friends from school. They all had cowboy hats in either blue and red trim, as well as Sheriff star badges. The goodie bags were also cowboy themed.

Pinata time! When the pinata finally gave way and released its goodies, all the children rushed in to grab what they could. Ryan managed to nab some good stuff - mainly rubber animals - but he gave them all away afterwards because those of his friends who didn't manage to grab anything saw his loot and took them from him, and Ryan just said, "Ok, sure!"

Richard and babydoll came to join us a little later, after babydoll's class at Julia Gabriel Bilingual Playclub.

It was one of the more interesting parties that Ryan has been to and he had a lot of fun.


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Thank you for the beautiful write out. There's indeed more activities I can choose to do, after reading your inspiring posts with your kids.

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Meanwhile, Happy Easter Day to you and family.

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Pinkie Pirate said...

Hi Shirley, thanks for your generous words. I recently signed up with Bloglovin', so you can try that. Cheers!

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