Monday, April 21, 2014

Party at DoughWorkz by PastaMania

I blinked and a week passed by. Heh heh. Actually, we've been away on our annual April trip to KL. This time we managed to make it last a week because Richard had some business meetings there around the same time. The two littles thoroughly enjoyed themselves playing with everyone. It was wonderful to see them interacting with their relatives and it was very heartwarming to witness the joy that little ones bring to everyone.

I'll tell you more about the trip another time (I know I've been saying that a lot, hehehe, do bear with me). Today I want to share some photos from a birthday party that Ryan attended last month. One of his classmates celebrated her birthday together with her older sister and they both invited their friends to a pizza-making workshop at DoughWorkz by PastaMania (at Nex Mall).

The staff started by gathering the children in the workshop area. Parents were asked to keep out - they can watch from the outside or they can leave and come back later. After a short presentation on pizza and pasta (history, different types, how it is made, etc), the children each started on making their own pizza. They learned how to knead the dough to make the pizza base and they were given all the toppings to add as they please.

(Just to let you know, DoughWorkz also has pasta making workshops for older children.)

After the children were finished putting their pizzas together, the pizzas went into the oven while the children gathered around the birthday cake for the birthday song. The birthday girls had chosen a Frozen themed cake, and most of the children were pretty excited to see the beautiful cake.

After the cake was cut, the pizzas were ready! Yum yum time, together with cake served with ice cream. A good way to end the party!

A few photos of Ryan at the workshop - enjoy!

Ryan's pizza turned out delicious! He had a good bite himself, and that is a big deal for this picky eater!


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