Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend update

Rachel at Shichida class

The weekend disappeared in a flash! Saturday was such a busy day - Rachel had Heguru in the morning and Ryan had an audition to go to around the same time. In the afternoon, Richard left us to attend a long meeting. I stayed home with the littles and Rachel had me all to herself because Ryan took a long nap. In the evening, Richard and I had dinner with one of his clients at Lei Garden in CHIJMES. We asked our nanny to babysit the littles and she very kindly agreed. It was a very long (and pleasant) dinner and, by the time we all got home, it was past 11 pm. Babydoll hadn't slept all day and was out like a light. Ryan survived a little longer. 

Anyway, that was Saturday. It felt like we were at work because we felt like we hadn't been with the littles much and because we were actually working.


Sunday was much better in terms of family time. Rachel and Ryan attended their classes and, in the afternoon, I brought Rachel for a playdate at Happy Willow with some of the SMH June 2012 babies. 

Here's babydoll on the rocking horse - her favourite! We have two at home and every morning she will climb onto them and rock away. She's quite the expert!

Babydoll wasn't too keen on the ballpit. Not very glamorous, to be slipping and sliding about.

She was much happier when she found stable ground. I couldn't let her stay there long because people were coming down the slide, so we left the ball pit soon after.

Richard and Ryan came over to join us after Ryan's Shichida class, and Ryan couldn't leave without giving the obstacle course several tries, so we spent another hour plus there. After that, Richard and I were quite reluctant to call an end to our very short weekend so we drove over to Holland Village for a quick walkabout and dinner at nydc, before finally, finally, surrendering.

This was Rachel's second time at an indoor playground. She went to Singkids at T3 last weekend. Actually Ryan was there, and she insisted on sneaking in to join him. Here's a video of her!

I wanted to share this because it shows her personality perfectly. First, she went into the ball pit fearlessly, without hesitation. Then when she wanted to get out and couldn't, she kept trying and trying and trying and trying. She didn't kick up a fuss, she didn't get disheartened. She was so determined, she just kept trying different spots and different techniques and, in the end, she succeeded. And then, just like that, she was off, fearlessly again, on her next adventure.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely Video of Rachel & Ryan playing at the indoor playground! It totally made my day :) fiesty lil Rachel!

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