Monday, July 1, 2013

Updates on Ryan

The fibre-optic internet connection at our house is still down, which puts me off blogging a little. I can use my mobile devices (phone, iPad) but there are some limitations. There are people coming over to try to get the connection up and running again tomorrow, so fingers crossed, things will be back to normal soon.

In the meantime, here're some updates on Ryan. Here's a photo of him when he went to watch a movie with Caroline. It was his first time watching a movie in a cinema. He has watched quite a number of short movies in theme parks and he has sat through many stage performances, but I believe this was his first real cinema movie experience, complete with popcorn. They watched Monsters University. Back home, when I asked him about the outing, he didn't have anything to say about the movie. He just said that he ate popcorn, hahaha!

Ryan will be participating in his music school's concert this Saturday, playing violin with his classmates in a group. We are practising hard this week, trying to make up for all the hours lost when we were travelling. I have to confess that he is not enjoying our practice sessions much - which is my fault of course. I need to remind myself to make our sessions more pleasant and attractive!

Ryan has finally breached the 15 kg mark in weight. I think he's also grown taller in recent months, although I haven't measured him. He does look slimmer, so I think he's surely taller since he's heavier. Does that make sense?

We are not doing much structured activities at home at the moment. There is a bit of upheaval in the home environment, what with all the fixing-up and all the tidying up going on. I have big plans for organising the playroom and that is high on my to-do list.

Here he is again. He needs a haircut, but our family always procrastinates when it comes to haircuts. Maybe we'll get it done in time for his violin recital this Saturday. Maybe not. We'll see. Yes, I taught him that two-finger victory sign. Yes, I am a little embarrassed about it.

Here it is again! On the other hand!

Ryan finished off a term at Shichida yesterday. It was an emotional class because his sensei is leaving the school and yesterday was her last day. Teacher Hirin has been so wonderful with Ryan and so supportive - she was the one who nominated Ryan as a candidate for Makoto Club. Ryan loves her. Richard brought him for class and he said that Ryan sat with his back facing his sensei for half the class, refusing to participate! I did tell Ryan that he wouldn't be able to see his sensei anymore after the class, so I think it was his way of dealing with the bad news.

I couldn't make it for the class because I attended Serene's party for her daughter, Zelyn. It was her 1st birthday, so it was quite an important day for her. The party was sweet and simple, and I managed to catch up with some of the mummies whom I hadn't met for some time.

Ryan is doing a two-week Mandarin programme at the moment. It's not a language programme though, it's just conducted in Mandarin. He seems to be enjoying it. It's funny to watch him interacting with Mandarin speakers - it's a side of him which I have no clue about. A strange feeling for me.

Ok, that's it for now. Will be back tomorrow.


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