Friday, July 12, 2013

Sewing - blue drill pants for Ryan

As promised in yesterday's post, these are the pants I sewed for Ryan. The material is drill cotton. Again, they are loosely based on the same pattern I used for these pants and again, I made some modifications - the legs are slimmer than the original and I made an exposed elastic waistband.

The neon green elastic waistband came about because I made the rise too short. This actually screwed up the fit. I got the slim legs that I wanted but, as I didn't do a good job with the waist, the pants droop and are saggy between the legs so, overall, the pants don't look as slim as I wanted them to. I think it's not noticeable in these photos but ... sigh ... deep in my heart, I know.

When I used the pattern for the first time, it was just a "copy and paste" job. Quite brainless. Now that I've worked with the pattern a bit more and tried to make a few modifications, I learned a few things and I feel that I improved my skills a little because I have a better understanding of what the designer was trying to achieve when she drafted the pattern. I will be moving on to other pants patterns from now.

Anyway, I do like these pants, saggy-ness notwithstanding. Mainly because of the rich blue colour. And Ryan likes it too, so I'm very happy.

Last shot - my two littles in their handmade pants!


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