Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Updates on Rachel

The most newsworthy update on Rachel is that she started walking the week before her 1st birthday! At the moment, she still prefers to crawl if she needs to get somewhere fast - and she can crawl really fast - but otherwise there is a good chance that you will catch her on her feet! Actually I hope she will continue to crawl a while longer - so that she can exercise that right brain/left brain/right brain/left brain.

The past two weeks, she has been going off her food a little. Generally, she is refusing the cereals now. She still takes yoghurt and porridge though, plus her little finger snacks and fruit. I guess she is ready to leave her baby food behind! I checked with a few sources and it seems that this is quite common at this stage (12-18 months) as they search for new tastes and experiences. Where's the fried chicken, papa?

Babydoll is working hard everyday, driven to explore and learn and discover. She is very determined and very little will stop her in terms of moving about. As an example, she has climbed up onto this chest of drawers which you can see behind her in the next photo. She first climbed onto the blue chair and then "rock climbed" up the closed drawers. Seriously. This girl is unstoppable. Richard was with her, just spotting her without offering help - he said she didn't need any.

Tiger and Max (our cat and dog) fascinate babydoll. Tiger will sometimes let her play with him - stroke his fur, tug on his tail - but only for a little while. He has tried to swipe her with his claws before, playfully, and although Richard was a little concerned, babydoll was undeterred and continues to seek him out. Max is less cool about being handled by this unpredictable mini-person, so he doesn't play with her and usually keeps a distance unless he wants to sit with me and has no choice if babydoll is with me. Babydoll is still very interested in him and when he is in the yard, she sits by the glass door to watch him carefully.

Babydoll is getting to be quite the talker. Always something to say, in all manner of tone, pitch and volume. Sometimes she even sings. It's all babble, of course. Except for Mama, mum mum, and Papa plus a few other mono-syllables, it's all babytalk.

She still loves dancing and swaying to music, and now she even claps her hands at the end of the song. It's quite funny to see her clapping when Ryan is practising his violin - it's as if she is his greatest fan.

So, all looking good, all going well. 


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