Friday, June 21, 2013

The Bird Family is flying off

We are taking off for the weekend! The haze situation is ridiculous! We are off in search of the sun and better air quality! At this very moment, we are in the car waiting to cross over to Malaysia. The queue at Malaysian immigration is horrendously long - looks like we are not the only ones who came up with this brilliant getaway plan.

I will try to post over the weekend, to try to keep the updates current. In the meantime, have a look at the photo above. It's something Ryan drew this week at school. It's Papa bird, Mama bird, Ryan bird (also known as Brother bird) and Rachel bird (also known as Mei Mei bird). Aren't they adorable? His teacher helped him to cut them out for him to bring home and I put them together in a picture frame. Love it, love it.

I've collected his portfolio for this term and will share snippets of it on the blog soon. There are some interesting reports in there!

Ryan has finished three terms of N2 and will advance to K1 in August. Today was his last day in N2 and there was a small send-off party. He went around giving all his teachers hugs and his Mandarin teacher was in tears. What a year it has been for him - from not talking much to now explaining his theories and telling his own bedtime stories, from being an observer on the sidelines to becoming a contributing member of a community, from being the newbie in school to gaining independence and learning to clear his lunch plate and utensils and taking care of his belongings - he has blossomed wonderfully!

We chose Ryan's school because of its curriculum which we hoped would nurture his love for learning, his creativity, and his critical thinking skills, as well as hone his communication and social skills, and it has certainly done that. We can't wait to see what the next year will bring! A big thank you to his N2 teachers - they were Ryan's very first school teachers and we will miss all of them!


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