Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A bit of modelling and a bit of art

Last Friday and Saturday were packed with activities and events. Friday was the day after we returned from our trip to Jakarta and, as is usual, the day after every trip is spent picking up the dog from the boarding kennel, catching up on laundry and other housework and, of course, attending to office matters.

In addition to all that, Ryan had two auditions on Friday. We picked him up early from school to get to the first one, and after that, we went for lunch, during which I told him that we were going for another audition. He told me, "Not too many." Hahaha! I told him, yes, three is too many, two is still ok. He paused and considered that for a moment, and then nodded his head. Phew!

Friday afternoon was spent back at Ryan's school, where there was a picnic and carnival, with proceeds going to charity. Good fun - there was a huge bouncy castle, face painting, balloon sculpting, and arts and crafts.

Saturday was an interesting day. Richard had a meeting in the morning so I had to take Ryan for violin class (with Rachel in tow) and Rachel had to skip Heguru. Then, in the afternoon, Ryan attended a catwalk modelling class! It was a trial class. He enjoyed it so much and had such a great time. It was utterly adorable to see the children walking out onto the catwalk strutting and posing! Such a fun way to boost their confidence and build up their social skills! After the class we asked him if he wanted to come back for more and he enthusiastically said yes, so we signed him up for the six-week course. Another attraction for him was that he had struck up a friendship with one of the other children and was very keen to cone back to see him. I don't know if that boy will be signing up though.

We had lunch at Masons at one of the blocks in Gillman Barracks, after which we went to see an exhibition at a neighbouring block.

The exhibition was at Mizuma Gallery. It was titled "Mythopoeia" and it was by the multitalented Yoshitaka Amano. This man is the creative mind behind the characters in Final Fantasy and Gatchaman as well as several book cover illustrations such as Vampire Hunter D. He has won several awards and is considered to be of legendary status.

For this exhibition, he made 25 aluminum-based works, using automotive paints and acrylics. The level of detail on these were stunning, the precision of application was almost unbelievable, and the works were simply breathtaking. I leave you with some photos from the gallery. Enjoy!



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