Monday, June 10, 2013

Rachel's Lunar Birthday

Last Friday, 7 June 2013, was Rachel's first lunar birthday. As we did for Ryan, we played the Zhua Zhou game with her. We gathered items to symbolise different career paths and let her pick whichever drew her attention. Although we are not superstitious, we still carry out this traditional custom as a way of expressing our good wishes for Rachel, as we did for Ryan.

Not surprisingly, Rachel went for the music CD. Looks like music will be a big part of her life!

The stamp/seal caught her eye next. This symbolises someone high-ranking in office. This holds a lot of importance in olden Chinese times. Nowadays, I think it simply means that she will be very intelligent (in olden times, only the scholars can be officers or high-ranking officials). She gave the stamp a little push and it rolled away. Then she lost interest.

After that, the toy car. Driver? Mechanic? Engineer? Speed demon?

We reset the board and let her try again. This time, she went for the cash!

Then the computer mouse (IT line).

Shoes. A lady is never without a good pair of shoes.

Finally, she picked up the camera and the stethoscope before she crawled off. Enough!

After the game, we served Rachel a chicken drumstick while she had one foot in the house and one foot outside the house. This is so that she will always have food to eat wherever she goes. Rachel really chomped down on the drumstick and munched away!

Click here to read what items Ryan chose on his first lunar birthday!

Here's the video! It's slightly under three minutes.

Did you do this for your child's first lunar birthday? Which items did your child choose?


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