Monday, June 17, 2013

Rachel's birthday dinner

We are back from a four-day trip to Malaysia. The main purpose of the trip was to celebrate Rachel's first birthday with our relatives.

It was Father's Day weekend so it was a little difficult to find a restaurant that had an available room for us, but Margaret persevered and we ended up at Grand Imperial restaurant in 1 Utama, with two tables of our extended family from both sides. My grandmother was there, and my mother flew in from Australia, so together with Rachel and me, there were four generations of ladies.

My little babydoll, a little bit of sugar ...

... and a whole lotta spice!

Her dress was a present from my mother from Australia. Really lovely.

More photos. Babydoll was basically passed around like the parcel in the game of "Passing the Parcel", heh heh - everyone hoping to end up with the prize. Surrounded and enveloped by love.

The cake was arranged by Richard's sister, Mary. We asked for it to have fruits, jellies and chocolate.

Happy birthday, Rachel! You are our little sunshine and we love you, love you, love you!


Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet little Rachel...


Pinkie Pirate said...

Thanks M!

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