Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shichida on Sunday

Ryan had his Shichida class on Sunday. We arrived a little late, because we took a bit more time than expected at the ASA Travel Fair at Suntec City. Ryan made a grand entrance and brought chuckles to everyone when he walked in wearing this.

Haha! It was a gift from the travel fair. Ryan kept it on throughout the whole class, right up till the end when he collected his sticker from sensei! Here he is, lining up for his sticker. He is usually the last to collect his sticker and normally he does not even bother to join the queue until everyone is done - he prefers to stay in his seat and enjoy the foreign language songs/music videos which are playing at this time.

This term, Ryan's sensei was particularly impressed when she noticed that Ryan was able to read and do the math activities. She did ask me, during one of the classes whether we sent him to phonics classes and I told her no, we taught him at home. Ryan has also been particularly impressive in the memory games, prompting Ryan's sensei to ask me if we practiced at home. I said yes, to which she said, oh no wonder! I told her that we try to keep up with the home practice because, with that, Ryan is more confident and happy in class and is better able to benefit from his time in the classroom. She agreed, saying that she had the same observation about him.

We collected his term report (although there is still one more lesson before the term ends).

As always, he scored at the top for all areas. I mentioned before that I suspect all the children do, so I am always more interested in the specific comments at the end. This term, his sensei wrote:

"Ryan, you always display great eagerness to learn. You are able to understand the signs '+', "=" and use them to make number statements. You are learning to attack words independently and interested in books and reading. Powerful memory skills for linking memory! =) Continue the great effort and do home practice okay? You are an A* child! =)"

Fantastic work, Ryan!


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