Our weekend was a quiet affair. We mostly vegged out at home, in between going for Ryan's classes on Sunday. The evening rain showers kept us indoors and away from the playground for the second week in a row.

Ryan watched a LOT of videos on Youtube. He loves the videos on phonics and it's pretty amusing to see and hear him sing and dance along to the songs. He has learned to sign the alphabet using American Sign Language (ASL) from watching a Youtube video. I was impressed because he watched the video just a few times before he started signing away. No matter how often it happens, it's always incredible to me to witness how children absorb stuff so quickly.

Saturday evening/dinner was delightfully spent with good friends at Riders' Cafe. Ryan was thrilled to meet up with his pals, Brayden and Rou Ern, and as usual, they went around exploring the surroundings together, with the fathers in tow. Occasionally, a horse would pass by and they would excitedly follow it back to the stables. When they weren't together, for instance when they were checking in with the mummies, they were calling each others' names and making sure that their little gang was rounded up for the next run.

Ryan received lots of lovely stuff from Alicia and Shann (I got something too - thanks so much dearies!). We're looking forward to opening all the treasures up!

I sewed a backpack each for Brayden and Rou Ern, using the basic pattern from indietutes, which I modified and improved slightly. Learning from the first prototype, I made these a little stiffer (by putting heavier interfacing). I added a loop between the straps and a velcro closure for the flap. I also added some decorative details. Here are some shots of the backpacks which I took while in the car to dinner!

This is Brayden's backpack. Like Ryan's backpack, I added a green tape along the straps. I also added the line of green tape across the front, just under the flap, to highlight where the opening is, and I used the same green tape to make the loop between the straps.

This is Rou Ern's backpack. She just started taking baby ballet classes and so I bought this fabric specially for her. I double stitched the ribbon on the straps and also on the side of the bag, plus I used the same ribbon for the loop between the straps.

Richard designed a label for me, which I stitched inside the backpacks.

My original intention to have a label was so that we could identify front from back, for example if I made a pair of pants, but of course, the labels can be applied to anything.

The sewing on the backpacks is far far far from perfect, but I do like them!


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