Thursday, March 29, 2012


Not in the mood to write so I decided to pull out some random photos taken over the past few weeks. 

Here's Ryan trying to solve circular tangram puzzles, and reading.

Spelling numbers 1-10.

Free play with blocks.

Pretend play with playdoh.

Identifying shapes, counting, playing with texture.

Playing with beads (fine motor skills).

More play with beads - here he is rolling the beads around the cardboard lid, taking pleasure in the sounds generated.

Playing with the glockenspiel. We asked Terri to buy the glockenspiel for us from overseas when Ryan was less than a year old. Lovely instrument.

Stamping letters. The stamp set was a gift from Chris and Alicia for Christmas last year. The big red stamp pad was separately purchased by us for a different stamp set. 

Finger printing.

Painting with pastels.

Swimming class.

Building train tracks.


Anonymous said...

Hi may I know where did you purchase the alphabet stamps and the alphabet train set? Thanks!

Pinkie Pirate said...

Hi, the alphabet stamps were a gift. They are a "Melissa and Doug" product so you should be able to find the set wherever you find "Melissa and Doug" products. The alphabet train set was purchased at a Popular bookstore sale at the Expo.

peace_found (ebay profile) said...

hi I have just stumbled on your blog and its been inspiring! where did you get your circular tangram puzzles and also how old is your son?

My boy is 3 now and although he's in school 3 hours a day, reading your post has really validated what i think about the singaporean preschool situation.Its easy to get caught up..... and I'm trying to do my own thing in this little bubble.

Pinkie Pirate said...

peace_found - Hi, welcome! Ryan was born in January 2009 so he just turned four. The circular tangram puzzle was a free gift from Popular Bookstore (Bras Basah branch). Great to hear that you are making conscious choices for your son. :)

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