Monday, March 12, 2012

Our weekend

Our weekend was a pleasant mix of everything. Ryan went for his swimming and Shichida classes, but otherwise, we spent a lot of time at home, managed to catch up on some zzz's, attended to some errands, and had more home-cooked food than usual.

Between Ryan's classes on Sunday, I squeezed in some fabric-shopping at Spotlight. I haven't been working much with fabric ever since Ryan graduated from PlayClub, and I've missed it, so I was really happy. Just being there among all the bales of textiles set my creative juices flowing. I only have whimsical inspirations right now, but I still bought seven metres of fabric (seven different designs). Let's see what happens!

We also popped in at the Times Bookstore warehouse sale and picked up a ton of books. I was grateful to Alicia and Shann who alerted me about it, so here I am, passing on the info! The last time we went to the Times Bookstore warehouse sale, Ryan was still an infant/barely a toddler and he already had a healthy collection of books at home, so we didn't pick up many books. Now that Ryan is a little older, his available options are much wider so we ended up with a carboot full of books! I wouldn't say that there is a fantastic selection for children under 3, but if you have an older child, it's worth a visit. Besides the ton of books for Ryan, Richard picked up some graphic novels and technical books, while I picked up a cookbook. The books are of much better condition this year, which is something that is important to me, and there was hardly any crowd (we were there on Sunday afternoon about 4 pm). Check it out if you are free, details are easily available on the internet. It lasts till 18 March 2012.

The other thing we did was to set up a new play area for Ryan in the house. We recently got some contractors in to extend our bedroom space by transforming one of the balconies into a sunroom. Over the weekend, Richard starting setting it up, putting in the carpets, moving some furniture around, setting up the rocking horse, etc. It's not finished yet, we still have some ideas for it, but Ryan already loves it. Will share some photos when it's a little further along.

Hope your weekend was great!


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