Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our weekend

Our weekend was centred on the usual classes - Bilingual Playclub, swimming and Shichida.

It was Daddies' Week at Bilingual Playclub, so Richard and Ryan went in matching outfits - Ed Hardy t-shirts! Here they are, painting with their feet.

Ryan has secured a place in Edudrama which starts in July. He has two more Playclub classes to go before then. He has missed four (out of ten) classes this term due to all our travelling. I would have withdrawn him this term if I known earlier that he would miss so many classes but, oh well, it's all right, he enjoys his time at Playclub so it's all worth it.

On Sunday, we got up super early (which is usual for us now) and had breakfast at Purvis Street. Got to swimming class super early as well, when the class before us was only halfway done. When it ended and it was time for the students to get their reward stickers, Ryan tried his luck too - here he is peeking into Coach's office where the students were getting their stickers (he didn't get any).

Swimming class was fantastic this week because Coach made the children do a lot more independent swimming.

Here's Ryan swimming to the ladder.

Here he is swimming after a toy. This is a little tricky because the toy floats out of reach when he gets near it.

At Shichida class, Ryan was a little restless. I think he was needing his nap after having woken up so early. Nevertheless, he did a great job in class and his sensei gave him a great review after class.

I have received some emails and some comments asking about Shichida so I am planning some posts about the method plus some posts about what we do at home. There is quite a lot so I'm still trying to figure out how best to present all the information. Stay tuned for that ok!


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