Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cardboard Box Challenge Part 1

We had a fabulous Sunday, so fabulous that I will break it up into parts for the blog. The first event that I will mention is our Cardboard Box Challenge!

We moved into our new digs about 6 months ago and we had so many boxes that we didn't know what to do with them. I didn't want to just put them in the recycling bin, I thought that there was so much more we could do with them.

Ryan enjoying the boxes when we were unpacking!
We kept them on our terrace upstairs and basically forgot about them for a while. Last week however, I decided that it was high time we did something about them. So I issued a challenge to Richard. Each one of us (Richard and I) will do a small project for Ryan and our raw materials must include one cardboard box! It's the Cardboard Box Challenge!

Richard duly accepted the challenge and I told him that, since I had just finished the quiet book, he should go first. He graciously agreed.

So, on Sunday evening, he set upon the challenge. Here's what he came up with!

A castle! Ryan absolutely flipped! He was ecstatic!

Here's how it came together. Richard cut the slats in the sides and the drawbridge, then the two of them worked on painting it in Ryan's favourite colour - green!

Some glitter to spruce things up!

Naming ceremony!

After some stickers for decoration, the flags went up on the four corners.

Richard wanted to put some more touches on it, but Ryan couldn't wait any longer. Ryan jumped right in and, of course, his little friends were not left behind.

Here comes King Kong too! Not to worry, there's lots of room inside and everything is kept neat and tidy.

Looking good!

Some interior decorating (with stickers) to make it feel like home.

But it still needs something... oh yes, every castle needs its own bat!

The wind in the flags was homemade, of course.

Welcome one, welcome all! Let's see, a busload of people, some dinosaurs, a cow, a duck, a little lamb, King Kong, a bus stop sign, a traffic light, a traffic controller, a few cars - admission (and parking) is free!

Simply fabulous!

Richard says he wants to make some improvements to it, so I will update you when that's done. Don't you think it's fantastic already? Ryan is completely in love with it!


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